Welcome to Penguin Pre-School!

Penguin Pre-School offers a friendly, safe and welcoming environment where children between the ages of 2 and 5 years learn through play.

We are run and governed by Whitwick St John the Baptist CE Primary School.

We have a wide range of children who attend our Pre-School, some children transition onto the main school whilst others move on to other local schools.

We work closely with all local primary schools to ensure a smooth transition for your child when they start primary school.

Pre-School and Nursery is usually a parent’s first experience of care for their child outside of the home. Letting someone else care for your child is a huge step for most parents and we hope that this website will be helpful in answering some of your questions. 

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Our Aims:

- To provide activities that encourage children to mix socially, with respect, kindness and consideration for themselves, their environment and each other.

- To show the children a new world of fun and enjoyment through stimulating, supported play experiences.

- Identifying and meeting the diverse needs of all children and supporting every child to reach their full potential in all areas of their development.

Our Mission Statement:

To ensure that each child feels special, valued and cared for.

To foster and develop each child’s skills at their own pace, ensuring each reaches their full potential.

To recognise rules and boundaries and the impact our words and actions have on others.

To encourage inclusion, respect and understanding within pre-school, recognising we are all part of a wider community, as well as an important individual.

To support children to become independent and self-reliant giving them a sense of pride in all their achievements, as well as self-motivated learners and explorers.

But most of all our mission is to allow children to be children and have FUN!!!