Reading & Our Library

Developing a Love of Reading and Our School Library

Reading is at the heart of our school and so is our library! We are committed to creating a life-long love of reading for reading for our children, staff and whole school community. We love reading at our school and the children are so lucky to have a beautiful, well-stocked library for everyone to use. 

School Librarian

Mrs Cross

Our designated librarian (Mrs Cross) ensures that the library is attractive, inspiring and motivating to all readers. Alongside our English Subject Leader, she ensures all classes have access to age appropriate texts that are changed regularly; plans and leads on training for staff on 'Book Talk'; and leads 'Book Talk' sessions across different phases in school. 

Mrs Cross runs our designated library Twitter page @WhitwickReaders. Check it out to keep up to date with recommendations and book news.

Our Library 

Each class has a weekly library slot and every child can borrow one book at a time from the library.  Children can check with their class teacher to find out their library day and make sure they remember to bring their library book back to school that day so that they can exchange it.

All library books are collected in just before the Christmas and Easter breaks and also at the end of the school year.  Children can visit some of our fantastic local libraries such as 'Coalville Library' during those times to borrow some brilliant books to read.


We constantly update our fantastic selection of fiction and non-fiction books so children can always be on the lookout for new books that they would love to read.

If there is a specific book or author that your child loves but know we don’t have. You can contact Mrs Cross on Weduc or get your child to let Mrs Cross know by writing it on the New Book Request chart in the library and she will do her best to get it into the library for your child to borrow.

Our superb Year 6 librarians help Mrs Cross to keep the library tidy and organised.


Some of our Year 6 children are Reading Pals who share their love of books with our KS1 children during lunchtimes by reading pictures books together.

Just inside our main gate we now have a large, red textile bank which accepts clothing, towels, sheets, blankets, CD’s, DVD’s and Books.  Please place all donated items into a plastic bag before dropping them into the bin to keep items clean and dry.  All proceeds from the bank will be used to purchase new books for school.