Lunch and Break Times

Lunch and Break Times

At Whitwick St John the Baptist, we believe that the children's break and lunch time should be a time for relaxing and socialising. Our children are expected to work hard in their lessons and they need a break in their 'working day'. 


We have a team of friendly and well trained mid-day supervisors and play leaders who ensure the children are safe and provide a range of interesting and exciting things for them to do.

To keep children engaged and create a stimulating environment, we provide a range of activities: dressing -up clothes, pogo sticks, bats, balls, hoops, skipping ropes, pedal-gos, stilts, boxes of books etc.

There is always a team of Playground Pals, trained older children, who can act as friends and help to organise games.

The playground is zoned, with areas for quiet activities as well as a large ball court, two adventure playgrounds and several areas of grass. Different activities happen in each area.

Our youngest children have a completely separate playground with a selection of toys and activities just for them. When the weather is bad the children stay inside and play with the classroom games that they have selected. 

School Meals

Children can either bring a packed lunch or have a school meal which is cooked on our premises. Our children eat their meals off proper plates and there is fresh water for everyone. It does not matter if children have sandwiches or school dinners, they all sit together, so that they can eat with their friends. 

Please see below for the current school menu. A paper copy is available from the school office. 

Break Time Snack 

Children may bring a mid-morning snack; however, we ask you to send 100% fruit based products apart from Friday when a small treat is allowed. Children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free school meal. They also receive a piece of fruit daily.  We offer toast at break time for a nominal charge of 25p (Years 1-6)