Houses (Planets)

Houses (Planets)

At Whitwick St John the Baptist, we operate a house system. Through placing the children in our of four 'houses' it helps the children build a sense of belonging and identity. The house system also provides opportunity for team work and collaboration. 

When the children start at the school, they are allocated into one of four houses:

- Saturn (Yellow)

- Neptune (Blue)

- Mars (Red)

- Jupiter (Green)

Siblings are put into the same house as their brother/s or sister/s. 

House Points

Children earn a minimum of 1 'House Point' each day for following the classroom expectations and completing the work that is expected of them. If they go above and beyond and demonstrate one of the schools core values (below) they can receive extra 'House Points'. Once they reach 30 'House Points' they receive a Rocket Reward certificate during a Friday Celebration Assembly.

We like to celebrate the children’s achievements in and out of school so each Friday we hold a Celebration Assembly to which parents are invited. This is when children bring in medals, awards and certificates that they have received from extra-curricular clubs and organisations as well as their Rocket Reward certificate.

At the end of the term, all of the rockets achieved by each house are added up and the winning team receive a reward.


House Assembly (Collective Worship)

Each half term the teams each come together for an assembly, led by a member of staff. All of the staff are allocated a House which allows them to get to know children from across the school who are in other classes or year groups.

House Sport Competitions 

Here at Whitwick we try our best to promote the school games values - Passion, Self-Belief, Respect, Honesty, Determination and Teamwork.

Every term we hold 'House vs House competitions' to build moral and team spirit and to also encourage active participation in sport and physical activity. The children also compete for their house at sports day in the Summer Term.

Every child is involved in these competitions and they try their best for their team. Our children are supportive of one another and love to encourage and cheer their house team. Current and previous winners can be found in the attachment below.