Ofsted & Performance Data

Ofsted and School Performance Data


When a parent makes the important decision on which school they wish to send their child to, it is essential they make an informed decision.

As well as viewing all of the content on the website and visiting the school, parents are able to view the latest Ofsted report and Performance Data Report for the school. 

School Performance Data

Primary school performance tables are published by the DFE to provide the school community with relevant information on the performance of primary schools in the local area, across Leicestershire and England as a whole.

Below, you will find our Key Stage 2 (Year 6) results for 2018/2019. You can also find more detailed 'Performance Data' here

Our historic standards information reports are attached below.

We do not have any published data for 2019-2020 due to the cancellation of statutory assessment as a result of Covid-19.

Key Stage 2 Results 2018/2019 (No data for 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 due to COvid-19)



In June 2018 where the school was judged ‘This school continues to be Good’ by Ofsted. This was following a full inspection that occurred in January 2014 when the school was graded GOOD by Ofsted

You can read our full reports here

Some of our highlights were:

- 'Staff work closely together, sharing expertise and learning from each other, to ensure that pupils are taught well and cared for. ‘

- ‘Classrooms are places where pupils listen attentively to staff, work hard and cooperate happily with each other.’

- ‘You have ensured that the curriculum is engaging and exciting for pupils.’

- ‘Those I met during my visit explained to me that they like coming to school to learn,   because teachers make lessons fun.’

- ‘The children behave sensibly around the school and are polite to visitors.’