The Governing Body

The Governing Body

Following Government instruction, our Governing Body reconstituted as of 19th March 2015.

You can find out more about each governor on our 'Who Are Our Governors?' page. 

Governor's Vision, Mission, Ethos and Strategic Direction

One of the key functions of the 'Governing Body' is to set the strategic direction for the school. The latest version of the strategic direction can be found attached below.  

Governing Body Structure

We have a Governing Body consisting of 12 members as follows:

- 4 x Parent Governors (appointed by the School)

- 1 x Foundation Governors (appointed by the Diocese)

- 2 x Staff Governors - one of which is the Headteacher (appointed by the school)

- 2 x Co-Opted Governors (appointed by the School)

- 1 x LA Governor (appointed by the Local Authority)

- 1 x Diocesan Education Committee

- 1 x Clerk to the Governors

We currently have a vacancy for Foundation Governor.
All of our governors have a term of office of 4 years.

Governing Body Members

- Paul Siddals ( - Co-opted Governor (Chair of Governors) - Appointed:19/03/19  Term Ends: 18/03/23

- Debbie May - LA Governor (Vice Chair) - Appointed:10/09/19  Term Ends: 09/09/23

- Helen Noon - Headteacher Governor

- Reverend Darren Walker - Foundation Governor 

- Jordan Ball - Staff Governor - Appointed: 16/11/21  Term Ends: 16/11/25

- Jennifer Neville - Parent Governor - Appointed: 26/10/20  Term Ends: 25/10/24

- Ben Clark-Betts - Parent Governor - Appointed 16/11/21 Term Ends: 15/11/25

- Frances Trotter - Co-opted Governor - Appointed: 19/09/18  Term Ends: 18/09/22

- Jim Blakemore - Diocesan Education Committee - Appointed: 06/03/18  Term Ends: 05/03/22

- Mrs D Stephens - Clerk to Governors

The Clerk and the Chair of Governors can be contacted through the school office on 01530 832116.

Committees and Members

We have four sub-committees which meet at least once a term. All of our governors are members of at least one committee. The full governing body delegates powers to each committee so that decisions can be made.

Budget, Buildings & Personnel

- Helen Noon

- Debbie May (Chair of Committee)

- Paul Siddals

- Jordan Ball

- Jim Blakemore

Learning & Achievement

- Helen Noon

- Paul Siddals

- Debbie May

- Ben Clark-Betts

Pay Committee

- Jim Blakemore (Chair of Committee)

- Helen Noon

- Paul Siddals

- Jennifer Neville


- Frances Trotter (Chair of Committee)

- Helen Noon

- Jim Blakemore

- Jennifer Neville

- Paul Siddals

- Sally-Ann Price (Pre-School Manager)

The Local Authority offers a large variety of training courses which our school governors regularly attend.


Register of Business & Financial Interests

At every governing body meeting, our governors have to declare any business interests and sign a declaration form.

The governors of Whitwick St John the Baptist CE Primary have no declared business interests and none of them are related in any way to any members of school staff. None of the governors have governance roles in other educational institutions.