Religious Education

Religious Education

At Whitwick St John the Baptist, Religious Education is an important part of the curriculum. As a Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) School, we feel it appropriate to emphasise Christianity as the basis for Religious Education, but recognise the need for children to understand and respect other faiths and life styles, and to develop their own values and beliefs.

The school follows the Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education supported by the Diocese of Leicester Syllabus for Religious Education. 


At Whitwick St John the Baptist, RE encourages and assists all pupils to explore and express their own response to the spiritual and religious approaches to life.

Our pupils are provided with opportunities to understand the beliefs, practices and values that affect people’s ways of life, encourages reflective, caring attitudes and helps to develop an awareness of life’s spiritual dimension.

Ultimately, we want children who celebrate diversity and are committed to justice and peace.


- To acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices,

- To help the children develop a positive attitude to life and an increasing awareness of their own worth as an individual,

- To understand and respect how religious beliefs and values affect ways of living,

- To develop an increasingly reflective and caring approach to life,

- To gain an awareness of the spiritual dimension of life,

-  To foster religious tolerance in our multi faith society.

Subject Leader

Mrs Purdy

Mrs Purdy ensures that all the aspects of the Religious Education (RE) content is identified and taught.

Mrs Purdy reviews the knowledge progression maps and medium term plans for RE to ensure that pupils’ learning becomes increasingly more challenging as they move through the year groups, and to maintain an overview of standards within the subject.  

Mrs Purdy also produces an annual action plan for RE; supports the writing of medium-term plans; analyses the standards within RE; provides or signposts staff towards training and resources; and engages in developmental work and research projects with external colleagues. 

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