Music has a diverse range of facets which are taught within our curriculum.  These include the study of musical appreciation and musical knowledge which together are used to develop individual skills.


At Whitwick St John the Baptist, we believe that Music develops pupils’ confidence, communication skills, creative skills and improves their emotional well-being.

Our pupils are provided with an enriched variety of musical experiences.

Our music curriculum enables our pupils to confidently play, read, compose, evaluate and appreciate music throughout the ages and diverse genres.

The Teaching of Music

We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Music (attached).

A large part of music curriculum is taught through the Charanga scheme of work.

We are believe that all of our children should have the opportunity to experience learning an instrument. Therefore, all our children whilst in Year 4 receive 'Whole Class Ensemble Teaching' from Leicestershire Schools Music Service,



- The opportunity to study music within the guidelines of the national curriculum irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, disability or social/educational deprivation,

- To develop their understanding and appreciation of a wide range of different kinds of music, developing and extending their own interests and increasing their ability to make judgments of musical quality,

- The opportunity to develop individual musical knowledge and skills to enable them to understand music in relation to their own and other musical traditions,

- The opportunity to explore a wide variety of both tuned and un-tuned instruments, including musical instruments from different cultures,

- The learning experiences in order to develop musical skills, confidence and self esteem,

- The opportunity to explore all areas of music regardless of ability,

- To explore and enjoy the fun of music making both in groups and at an individual level,

- To be involved in musical performing, composing, listening and appraising,

- To perform their own compositions and works of others to a variety of audiences (such as other children, classes, year groups, school, parents and the wider community).

Subject Leader

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Thomas ensures that all the aspects of the Music National Curriculum content are identified and taught.

Mrs Thomas reviews the knowledge progression maps and medium term plans for Music to ensure that pupils’ learning becomes increasingly more challenging as they move through the year groups, and to maintain an overview of standards within the subject.  

Mrs Thomas also produces an annual action plan for Music; supports the writing of medium-term plans; analyses the standards within Music; provides or signposts staff towards training and resources; and engages in developmental work and research projects with external colleagues.