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Physical Education

Physical Education (P.E)

At Whitwick St John the Baptist, health and sport are one the key curriculum drivers. 

Underpinning our approach to 'School Sport' and 'Physical Education (P.E)' are the 'School Games Values' of self-belief, determination, passion, team-work, respect and honesty.

We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study for P.E (attached) and use the 'Real PE' scheme of work to deliver large parts of our P.E curriculum.

You can find out more about our 'School Sport' here

You can find out more about how we use our 'P.E and Sport Premium' here



At Whitwick St John the Baptist, we believe that PE ensures pupils become physically competent and confident; develop skills, knowledge and their own pursuit for excellence; compete successfully, fairly and respectfully; be committed to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our pupils build self-esteem and positive attitudes, as well as developing key skills for life, such as team work, resilience, motivation and respect. 

Our high-quality, varied and balanced PE programme for all pupils, increase their daily physical activity through a love of movement and educating them about healthy living, lifestyles, well-being and their bodies.


At Whitwick St John the Baptist Primary School, we want every child to:

- Become physically competent and confident,

- Develop skills, knowledge and their own pursuit for excellence,

- Compete successfully, fairly and respectfully,

- Be committed to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Subject Leader

Mrs Rushton

Mrs Rushton ensures that all the aspects of the Physical Education National Curriculum content are identified and taught. Mrs Rushton reviews the knowledge progression maps and medium term plans for P.E to ensure that pupils’ learning becomes increasingly more challenging as they move through the year groups, and to maintain an overview of standards within the subject.  

Mrs Rushton also produces an annual action plan for P.E; supports the writing of medium-term plans; provides or signposts staff towards training and resources; and engages in developmental work and research projects with external colleagues. 

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