Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE)

At Whitwick St John the Baptist, our children are at the heart of everything we do. Ultimately, we want them to embrace who they are, accepting what makes them unique and grow into confident individuals who embrace the opportunities life has to offer.  

Each and every child is encouraged to develop to their full potential in a nurturing learning environment, which fosters positive self-esteem and promotes resilience, ambition, responsibility and mutual respect for all.


Through the teaching and learning of PSHE, we will grant children the opportunity to explore and question a diverse range of beliefs, values and attitudes to gain greater understanding of the society they live in.

In a safe environment, we will promote kindness and honesty, where children are encouraged to reflect on their personal qualities, understanding of others and their ability to communicate their feelings. Furthermore, we will also aim to educate children about the importance of looking after both their physical and mental health, equipping them with skills, knowledge and vocabulary to live a safe, happy and healthy life.

To do this, we will guide children to develop core British Values that enable them to make sense of their experiences within and outside of school.

Together, we will celebrate the diversity and achievements of our school community and guide children to become caring, thoughtful and respectful members of wider society.

Odd Sock Day (Anti-Bullying)


The key elements that make PHSE special and important are:

- Stay as healthy as possible,

- Keep selves and others safe,

- Work well independently and together,

- Have worthwhile and fulfilling relationships; respect the differences between people,

- Develop independence and responsibility,

- Play an active role as members of a democratic society,

- Make the most of their own, and others' abilities.

A copy of our RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) policy can be found here

Year 6 Warning Zone Trip

Subject Leader

Miss Carlisle 

Miss Carlisle ensures that all the aspects of Personal, Social, Health Education are identified and taught. Miss Carlisle reviews the progression maps and medium term plans for PSHE to ensure that pupils’ learning is age appropriate as they move through the year groups. 

Miss Carlisle also produces an annual action plan for PSHE supports the writing of medium-term plans; provides or signposts staff towards training and resources; and engages in developmental work and research projects with external colleagues.