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During their time at Whitwick St John the Baptist, children will be encouraged to see mathematics as both written and spoken language.

We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Maths (attached).


- To promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion. To develop logical thinking and reasoning skills through a natural curiosity and investigative approach,

- To nurture positive attitudes, confidence and competence by matching the task to the child,

- To celebrate achievements through high quality feedback. Peer and self-assessment are an integral part of this feedback and children are taught the skills needed to effectively do this throughout the school,

- To develop the ability to solve problems through decision-making and reasoning in a range of contexts,

- To encourage the children to apply their learning to everyday situations so that children understand the importance of mathematical skills in everyday life,

- To consistently emphasise and develop use of mathematical vocabulary,

- To challenge children through high expectations and equip children with the skills needed to rise to the challenge,

- Provide children with clear visual representation that will support the development of mental fluency and reasoning.

Subject Leader

Mrs Halom

Mrs Halom ensures that all the aspects of the Mathematics National Curriculum content are identified and taught. Mrs Halom reviews the knowledge progression maps and medium term plans for Mathematics to ensure that pupils’ learning becomes increasingly more challenging as they move through the year groups, and to maintain an overview of standards within the subject.  


Mrs Halom also produces an annual action plan for Mathematics; supports the writing of medium-term plans; analyses the standards within Mathematics; provides or signposts staff towards training and resources; and engages in developmental work and research projects with external colleagues.  


Calculation Policy

Please find attached at the bottom our calculation policy. The policy has been developed by the Maths Subject Leaders within the Forest Way Teaching School Alliance. It has been designed to match the expectations within the National Curriculum and has been split into the appropriate year groups. The policy covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Mathematics Glossary

You will also find attached a copy of the National Curriculum Mathematics Glossary - please feel free to use this when supporting your child at home with mathematics.