Year 4

 Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 is where we aim to build on the children’s growing confidence from Year 3, having already completed a year in Key Stage 2.

Independence is another key area that we aim to develop and children are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their learning and day to day organisation.

Underpinning everything, is our firm belief that all children can succeed with the right opportunities and support. We continue to help the children develop a growth mindset. 

Children come to realise that when learning, it’s not that they can’t do it, it’s that they can’t do it ….YET!

Reading for pleasure is at the heart of Year 4.

The children are immersed in books through regular book talk sessions, accessing high quality and well-matched books from a well-stocked classroom book corner and access to the school library. 

In our Discovery topic, Rainforest Rumble, our teaching develops our children’s knowledge of their world, encouraging them to think as global citizens by focusing on the causes and the impact of deforestation in the world’s rainforests.

We have fun over the year learning about the Ancient Egyptians, Oceans and Seas and Romans.

We love to be creative and make Rainforest pop-up books, Egyptian headdresses and Roman shields.

The children get a real buzz out of making electrical circuits, enjoy creating maps in ‘Out and About’ and get their teeth stuck into our work on the digestive system.

A highlight of the year is our residential visit in Summer Term, which is great fun and helps to develop team work and independence. Year 4 prepares the children for their next challenge in Upper Key Stage 2.

For further information on our whole school curriculum, please visit our 'Curriculum' page. 


Mr McMillan (4JM)


Mrs Peatling (4JP)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lidwell (HLTA)

Miss Pearson (HLTA) 



Autumn Term 1 - Rainforest Rumble