Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage marks the first year of school for your child which builds the foundations for your child’s personal, social and emotional development, as well as their academic skills, knowledge and understanding.

They will soon feel that they belong – to their class, to their house and to the school community.

With this, and their developing confidence, your child will continue to thrive throughout their time at Whitwick St John the Baptist.

We provide fun, hands-on activities for them to explore within a safe, challenging and stimulating learning environment, tailored around the children’s interests.

This promotes motivated, enthused and eager learners as well as developing a sense of independence, always striving to succeed.

Promoting a love of reading early on is extremely important. We are passionate about exposing the children to a variety of authors and exciting reads, helping to deepen and enrich their vocabulary. 

When children first start, they are taught to listen to sounds in the environment; they are exposed to rhyming stories and activities; and they are encouraged to speak and listen to others. 

The children are taught phonics lessons daily to enable them to learn phonemes (sounds) and to blend these in order to decode words quickly and fluently.

Reading materials are closely matched to learners’ phonics knowledge and we are determined that all children will learn to read fluently as a result of making the very best start with their reading through high quality phonics teaching and an immersion into books and stories.

For further information on our whole school curriculum, please visit our 'Curriculum' page. 


Miss Webster (RLW)

Mrs Carline (RLW)

Mrs Patel (RPP)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Galpin (RLW)

Mrs Blockley (RLW)

Mrs Cockeram (RPP)



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