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Online Safety and Anti-Bullying

Online Safety

At Whitwick St John the Baptist CE Primary School we believe that educating children to keep themselves safe while using the internet is of paramount importance. Our children are taught about different aspects of online safety through all curriculum areas as well as through special focus lessons and e safety week. Supporting parents at home is part of what we do.

We are living in the digital age and with this in mind internet safety plays a major role in our school life.

The use of the internet in school is closely supervised and controlled through the use of filters but it is really important that the children learn how to be safe on-line at anytime.

The internet, e-mails, chat rooms, mobile phones and instant messages can all be fantastic resources, if used correctly, but sadly can also be misused. We aim to educate our children to remain safe and how to respond to inappropriate activity and cyber bullying.

Below are some useful links to follow that explain about the hazards of the internet, ask your children about Hector's World and Cyber-Cafe - two excellent sites that explain about safe internet use.

The following links have recent internet safety advice which contain useful information for parents and children:



We have renewed our Anti Bullying Award and this will last until 2019. You can find our Anti-Bullying Policy on our website and we also have a folder of school work and photographs, displaying all of the hard work we do on Anti Bullying, available for anyone to come and browse through in school.

Advice for Parents and Carers