Information for Parents

Parents in School

We try to promote a genuine partnership between home and school. Some parents work voluntarily with children and alongside teachers in a variety of ways. We benefit enormously from these sharded experiences and if you feel you would like to help in this way, please mention it to your child's class teacher. We provide training for all parent volunteers before they work in school. All helpers undergo a police check.

Before children start school they have a chance to make some half day visits to get to know where they will be, their class teacher and the other children. Once at school, in addition to the informal arrangements mentioned earlier if there is anything that you are unsure of speak to the class teacher.

The Headteacher will always try to see parents within 48 hours if there is any matter you need to discuss. Please telephone the office to arrange an appointment.

We hold parent - teacher consultations in the Autumn and Spring terms, and send out a written report for all children in the Summer term.


In our school we believe that the children's lunch-time should be a time for relaxing and socialising. Our children are expected to work hard in their lessons and they need a break in their 'working day'. We have a team of friendly and well trained mid-day supervisors and play leaders who ensure the children are safe and provide a range of interesting and exciting things for them to do.

We provide; dressing -up clothes, pogo sticks, bats, balls, hoops, skipping ropes, pedal-gos, stilts, boxes of books etc. There is always a team of Playground Pals, trained older children who can act as friends and help to organise games. The playground is zoned, with areas for quiet activities as well as a large ball court, two adventure playgrounds and several areas of grass. Different activities happen in each area. Our youngest children have a completely separate playground with a selection of toys and activities just for them. When the weather is bad the children stay inside and play with the classroom games that they have selected.


Children can either bring a packed lunch or have a school meal which is cooked on our premises. Our children eat their meals off proper plates and there is fresh water for everyone. It does not matter if children have sandwiches or school dinners, they all sit together, so that they can eat with their friends.

Visit the school meals web-site for current menus and other infomation.

School Milk

School milk is now offered to every child daily at breaktime. 


The school office has a limited supply of uniform left. You can now order school uniform online direct from our supplier at


Advice for Parents and Carers


Internet Safety

We are living in the digital age and with this in mind internet safety plays a major role in our school life.

The use of the internet in school is closely supervised and controlled through the use of filters but it is really important that the children learn how to be safe on-line at anytime.

The internet, e-mails, chat rooms, mobile phones and instant messages can all be fantastic resources, if used correctly, but sadly can also be misused. We aim to educate our children to remain safe and how to respond to inappropriate activity and cyber bullying.

Below are some useful links to follow that explain about the hazards of the internet, ask your children about Hector's World and Cyber-Cafe - two excellent sites that explain about safe internet use.

The following links have recent internet safety advice which contain useful information for parents and children:


To participate in the Internet Safety Survery for Parents, please click on the following link: 


The document below includes details of internet safety theatre shows which are free for parents and carers to attend.