Autumn Term 2 will begin on Monday 22nd October. Parents Evenings and Book Fair will be on 24th and 25th of October.
Weduc Update

Thank you to all our parents who have accessed their Weduc accounts. We have recently experienced some technical issues which has meant that our pupil access codes have been disabled. Please do not be concerned if your child is unable to log in at this moment in time. In agreement with Weduc, we have decided that we will not be re-issuing the pupil log-ins, until all our parents have signed on. This is to remove the current issue with our children needing a email address to access the site. Once all our parents have enabled their accounts, we will be re-distributing individual log-ins for all pupils. A text will be sent before half term to all our parents who haven’t accessed Weduc with a reminder of your enrolment code. Please log in as soon as you can. Weduc gives you access to your child’s attendance details, the school events calendar and an opportunity to communicate with staff members.