Autumn Term 2 will begin on Monday 22nd October. Parents Evenings and Book Fair will be on 24th and 25th of October.
Parking and End of the Day

We would like to remind all our parents and carers to park sensibly outside the school and to respect our neighbours. Wherever possible please find a safe parking space away from the school gates and adhere to the 20mph speed limit, We would like to remind you that you should not be parking on double yellow or zig zag lines at any time. The roads get very congested at busy periods and we want all our children to be able to get into school safely. Thank you to all our parent and carers who are following this protocol. At the end of the school day, please could you assist us by leaving the playground as soon as possible after collecting your children. Our after school Rockhopper club is very busy and we like to be able to take the children outside for activities, but we need to ensure that the playground is clear for safeguarding reasons before we can do so. Thank you.