Year 6 SATs Week - 14th-18th May. Walk to School Week - 21st-25th May.
Staffing Update

This summer we are saying goodbye to a few colleagues. Mrs Thornley is retiring from her position of Teaching Assistant after working at Whitwick for 17 years. I am sure you join us in wishing her a long and happy retirement. Miss Peers is leaving her post as Teaching Assistant to set up a family business. Mrs Brown is leaving as a Learning Support Assistant but remains as a midday supervisor. Mr Foster is leaving to become a teacher specialising in sound technology for a music company. This is an exciting opportunity for him and we offer him our best wishes. Mrs Maud will be commencing her maternity leave and is planning to be away for the whole year. Miss Brailsford will be replacing Mrs Maud and has been in to school several times to meet with new parents and children. Miss Blakie will replace Mr Foster and will be working in Year 3. Miss Storer is getting married in the holiday. We all wish her a wonderful day and look forward to welcoming her back next term as Mrs Carline. Finally, we say farewell to Mr Brown. He has been supporting children in booster sessions for 6 years and is now retiring. We wish him a long and happy retirement and expect to see his allotment flourish with the extra attention he will be able to give to it!